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Product Manager/Director
Post responsibility:

1. Be responsible for formulation and implementation of annual goods plans of the company as per the brand positioning, operation objective and development strategy of the company;
2. Play a major role in commodity composition planning, make statistics to analyze sales rankings of bestsellers, predict the sales trend of commodity, determine the demand for commodity supply and release the commodity order/replenishment, delivery schedule, delivery arrangement and follow-up;
3. Communicate with the head office to determine the launching range of goods, promptly collect goods launching conditions of all offices and feed it back to the R&D department;
4. Formulate the working plans for commodity promotion, commodity inventory reorganization and seasonal product transfer;
4. Be responsible for the establishment and perfection of the basic information on order placing meetings and household commodities;
5. Analyze according to the sales data and inventory data and reasonably allocate the commodity resources of the company;
6. Be responsible for the commodity sales and inventory analysis of each quarter, formulate the inventory digestion plan and complete the best inventory control;
7. Collect the industrial fashion information, know the market information on relevant industry brands, grasp the market demand and fashion trend, formulate and optimize the commodity pricing strategy;
8. Be responsible for constructions of the operation and management system of the department and regularly improve the management skill, business skill and comprehensive quality of the department's staff;

Position qualifications:

1. Junior college or higher, no requirement for gender, being proficient in the operation of office software;
2. Have more than 3 years' work experience in the equivalent post of famous clothes brands and be sensitive to the fashion and trend of the apparel industry;
3. Be able to offer advice and provide digestion scheme on the inventory management for each branch and office;
4. Be proficient in using all kinds of data reports to effectively conduct the analysis on smooth sales, poor sales and sales of commodities;

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